I’m a Software Engineer in NYC (resume)

I’m always involved in many projects, be it open-source software for the benefit of the greater good, or technology for new business ventures. See my GitHub profile for all my open-source projects. Please for any questions.

Speaking & Writing

While most of my time is spent figuring out what to build, and building it, I also write (outside of this website) and speak about open-source or technical subjects; occasionally about the product I’m currently working on.

I’ve compiled a list of all the publications or talks I’ve done. If you find my mug somewhere else on the internet, let me know!

Iron Languages

From 2007-2011 I was an active core team member of the Iron-Languages project; the implementation of the Ruby and Python programming language for the Microsoft.NET and Mono frameworks. I’ve worked on various parts of the project, from engineering to evangelism.

While IronPython development has picked back up after Microsoft stopped funding in 2010, IronRuby has been fairly dormant since then. If anyone would like to become the new maintainer of IronRuby, please .


During my masters work at WPI, I worked at the AI Lab on ASSISTments, a web-based intelligent tutor. My role was more pragmatic than research oriented, mainly on redesigning ASSISTments to the user experience and technical architecture it has today. Though I’m no longer involved in the project, I’m happy to see the current team continuing to do awesome work, and I strongly suggest you evaluate it for your educational organization, your children, or even if you want to brush up on your math skills.

Video Game Design

I use to make single-player and multiplayer levels for Jedi Knight, Quake III, and Half Life 2. Here’s one that’s still on the internet:


I take lots of photos between my Nikon D90 and my iPhone 5, and post everything on Flickr. Select shots are posted to Instagram.


Hobbiest guitarist, singer, song-writer. Here are some of my songs:

And this gives you an idea of what type of music I listen to:


I used to paint and draw a lot - mostly landscapes. Here are a few of my favorites: