ASP.NET dynamic language support is open source

26 Jul 2010

I'm happy to finally announce that the ASP.NET dynamic language support is now open source:

Download IronPython and ASP.NET integration

For a full IronPython release with the Python standard library, download IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1.

This release contains the source code to Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll, located in the src directory, licensed under the Apache License (Version 2). It will be available in the source repository for IronPython in the very near future, but don't hesitate to start sending in patches. This release is compatible with IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1.


This download enables IronPython as an ASP.NET programming language. To create a new IronPython ASP.NET WebForms project, simply copy examples\web.config and examples\bin, and use examples\hello-webforms.aspx as a reference. A redistributed copy of the IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1 binaries can be found in the examples\bin directory; all files except Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll, the IronPython ASP.NET integration, are from the IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1 release.

For more detail on getting started, here’s a simple walk-through of making the “hello-webforms” app.


Here's what's in the zip file:

  • /License.html - The Apache License, Version 2.
  • /dlr-aspnet.sln - VS2010 solution for examples
  • /examples - Examples of using IronPython in ASP.NET.
  • /examples/Web*.config - configures ASP.NET to use IronPython
  • /examples/bin - Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll, the ASP.NET integration, and a redistribution of IronPython 2.7A1.
  • /src - C# source code that builds Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll


This release renames the main DLL from Microsoft.Web.Scripting.dll to Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll. If upgrading, you'll have to replace all occurrences of Microsoft.Web.Scripting with Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet. This will primarily be at the top of all aspx pages, as well as in your application's web.config. Also note the version number is now, which matches all the other Microsoft.Scripting assemblies.


As always, please report issues on the IronPython issue tracker. You can also try to fix any issues yourself and submit a patch. Lastly, you can actually talk to humans on the IronPython mailing list.


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