What can you get with 10KB of Ruby or Python code?

21 Jan 2010

$1000 and a trip to MIX 2010!


9 days left, an counting, to enter your minimalist creation into the MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge. Do anything you want, it just has to be less than 10 kilobytes of source code. You can use HTML5, or Silverlight, and also use Ruby or Python through Gestalt (learn more about the entry rules). You can win a free trip to MIX and up to $1000 in cash (learn more about the prizes).

Check out the already submitted apps for inspiration; they are starting to look really awesome.

As an added bonus, I’m part of the MIX 10K Judge Panel! Since I work on IronRuby and IronPython, and wrote/maintain Gestalt, I’ll be “very happy” if I you submit a Ruby or Python app. Of course I won’t be biased against JavaScript or C# based apps, but just sayin’ … ;)

Entries will be accepted through January 29, so …

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