IronPython gets a long overdue website!

07 Dec 2009

In preparation for the final IronPython 2.6 release, the project finally gets a nice homepage:!


CodePlex will continue to be the tool we use for project management and releases, but all end-user information will be on Also, the .com domain still points at the super-old site, but will redirect to this site shortly.

The most notably addition is the .NET Integration Documentation, a thorough set of examples and descriptions of using IronPython with .NET. Considering this is IronPython’s main purpose, it’s amazing we got away with having hardly no documentation for this long … I guess the .NET integration is just that intuitive :) Anyway, please give it a read and let us know if you have any suggestions.

There’s a ton left to do!

This site is very much a shell of what it could be, and I’d love for the IronPython community to help out here. Here are a few things I’d like to add to the site in the very near future; please let me know if you’d lie to help out, or have other ideas:

  • Who’s using IronPython? A list of companies, public websites, and any type of application which use IronPython, in any way, would be a great addition to the site. If you’re taking a large dependency on IronPython, I’d also love to have a more in-depth write up posted about you: Resolver Systems should definitely be on this list :)
  • Many more code-snippets for the front-page which show IronPython’s strengths. Maybe a random code snippet every time you refresh, or a auto-cycling with some simple navigation to pause and go back-and-forth between them.
  • Better organization of community articles: the IronPython community produces an enormous amount of documentation through blogs, articles, screencasts, and other mediums on the web. The IronPython website could never replicate this, so let’s make it a place to organize this information, grouping documentation together by topic and linking to the original author’s site.

Hope you like the new website!

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