Run Chiron with a right-click

30 Jul 2008

Pluto / Chiron

About a month ago Phil Haack posted a registry hack to run the ASP.NET Web Server from a directory's right-click menu, and I thought it would be pretty awesome to have some right-click options for Chiron. Finally decided today would be the day for that:

↓ Download


Note: You will need to have the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK for any of this to work; only is required.

Installation (please read!)

chiron-here.reg assumes that you unzipped into C:\sdl-sdk. If this is not the case, open chiron-here.reg in your editor of choice (notepad will do) and change the two paths to point to your sdl-sdk location.

To install, simply double-click on chiron-here.reg. Say *Yes* to the prompt if you *really* want to install it. That's it! No reboot required.

Take a look at the README for usage. If you're a Windows person hacking Silverlight with Ruby/Python/JScript, this could definitely be useful. Enjoy!

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