Live Mesh doesn't require UAC!

18 Jun 2008

Live Mesh Logo

Today my three machines (2 Vista and 1 XP) which use Live Mesh asked to be updated. No information to what the updates include ... just that they wanted to plug back into the mother ship. I thought, "Could this be, the infamous Live Mesh update that removes the need for UAC"? After updating my Vista machines, I disabled UAC, rebooted, and ... Live Mesh still worked fine! Woohoo!

This should now convince more people to install and use Live Mesh.

PS: I searched the tubes for any announcement of this awesome update, and found nothing. Nothing. This guy had the same experience. However, today (a day after the update) at 11:30a a blog entry appeared on the Live Mesh blog announcing the service update.

Now, I suffer from the same delay-between-release-and-blogging syndrome that most project owners suffer from, but all projects are expected to have some explanation of what the release contains ... like release notes, etc. Live Mesh uses there blog as the release notes, so they have more of a need to be on-top of their blog.

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