Dynamic Languages in Silverlight 2 Beta 2

10 Jun 2008

With the announcement of Silverlight 2 Beta 2, the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK has been updated as well! Download the Dynamic Languages SDK! What's new? There's a lot of new stuff here, from new versions of IronRuby, IronPython, Managed JScript, and the Dynamic Languages Runtime, to more samples and better packaging. Latest Bits This release packages up the latest bits for the three languages, as well as the DLR and Silverlight integration. The most noticeable difference is the extra DLL that is provided: Microsoft.Scripting.Core.dll. This contains the core functionality of the DLR, while Microsoft.Scripting.dll contains non-necessary pieces like helpers and Hosting API. More Samples Also, there is a whole slew of new samples! IronPython and Managed JScript have their fare-share of samples; IronRuby is lacking a bit but new ones are being added in during this week, so sit tight! Separate packages One difference from the last release is now there are three packages: SDK, SDK Source Code, and SDK Samples.
  • SDK: Necessary package to create dynamic language Silverlight applications.
  • SDK Source Code: If you want to modify the languages/DLR/Silverlight integration, you can do so here, and build using the given Solution file in Visual Studio. This will create a /bin directory with the identical binaries as the /bin directory in the SDK, however without DLL signing.
  • SDK Samples: a bunch of Ruby, Python, and JScript samples. Best bet is to unzip this in the SDK directory.
Future This release is important, as it marks the last time this package will be the main ship vehicle for dynamic languages in Silverlight. Every binary release of IronPython/IronRuby will distribute Silverlight binaries necessary to build applications with the language, and the distributed source code will build against Silverlight. They will always work with the latest released version of Silverlight. This package will always be available as the languages that share the same version of the DLR, until the DLR stabalizes. Then, who knows ... =) Alright, go make some awesome stuff!
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