07 May 2008

So, now that the storm is over and I can talk about this without cursing ... Dynamic Languages on The beautiful Dynamic Silverlight website now redirects to I guess it's best to have all Silverlight content in one place, so I was approached about a month ago to move the content off of In the end, I'm all for more exposure, so hopefully this helps more people learn about dynamic languages in Silverlight. At the same time, marketing @ Microsoft became very interested in the name "Dynamic Silverlight", and quickly re-named it to "Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK". That's way too long, so I just call it sdlsdk ... I like how it clunks off the tougue. So, the Codeplex site link has been changed from /dynamicsilverlight to /sdlsdk, and has changed to C'est la vie. Good news though: Managed JScript is now part of sdlsdk, so no longer will you have to grab the Silverlight SDK simply for an out-dated version of JScript that can only play with itself. (Note: You'll still need the SDK if you want to understand any error messages, but that's changing in Silverlight 2 Beta 2). Over and out.
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