Exploring Silverlight with Dynamic Languages

03 Apr 2008

Last Wednesday all the language teams* in Redmond got together to eat food, drink beer, and talk about plans that are further out than all the time I've been programming. For the more short-sighted individuals like myself, we did some demos of technology that is right around the corner ... the next couple of years in Microsoft-land. Anyway, I did a demo of dynamic languages in the browser, and then did a screencast of it so everyone could see it! It's posted on http://dynamicsilverlight.net/learn, and you can view it using Silverlight, or download it in Quicktime or Windows Media format. Enjoy! * This includes the folks who make C#, VB, IronRuby, IronPython, and F# ... Managed JScript is in-fact made by Microsoft but those guys are from India, so they didn't get to be part of the fun =(
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