Silverlight and dynamic languages

29 Mar 2008

In the beginning of this month the free-love dynamic language guys and I released an open-source-licensed integration with Silverlight, making Ruby and Python able to run in the browser. This was pretty freakin' exciting for me, since it's what I've been working on since joining Microsoft in July'07. Though, it's been really hard for me to not talk about this stuff, since I was blogging about my last big project like every week, and we were releasing stuff just as fast. I want to get this Silverlight work along the same lines of involvement, so here we go! =) As any new project, our documentation is a little lacking. Though we have a website, a CodePlex project, and mailing lists, the information helping people get started with the project is hidden in those 3 places. To remedy that, I'm going to make a series of "Silverlight and dynamic languages" posts: Exploring the Dynamic Silverlight SDK Making a Silverlight application in Ruby/Python/JScript Deploying your Dynamic Silverlight application These are the first three that I'm working on, but definitely not the last! Let me know what area of dynamic languages in Silverlight interests you, and I'll make sure to write about it!
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