has got a shiny new look! Well, it just got it's first look, since before it was worse-looking than a 1990's-style website. Anyway, it's been bombarded with useful links, so let us walk through them:

/see Here you'll find links to sample apps written in Ruby and Python. There's only 3 up there now, but we'll be adding more ... I promise. =)

/get Download pointers to the Dynamic Silverlight SDK, Silverlight 2, Silverlight SDK, Visual Studio Tools, etc etc etc. Basically anything you could ever want to use to develop a Silverlight app is there.

/learn Links to documentation, walk-throughs, blogs, talks, specs, and anything else to make you a browser ninja.

/contribute So, when you're done getting and learning all about this stuff, time to actually talk to people! Here you'll find pointers to IronRuby/IronPython project information.

Enjoy! =)