Videos are back up! Enjoy!

2nd Video update: Woohoo! I got the videos moved to a new server! ... with the help of some great Microsoft people, of course. The links will be live within a couple hours, and once they are I will update to point the the videos again. Thanks for your patience!

Video update: It's taken way too long to get these back up, my apologies; MIX08 was basically all last week for me ... and nothing really happened on the Lang.NET front. They will find a home on or, but either way I'm finding somewhere for them today! I'll keep you posted ...

With MIX08 breathing down my neck and Murphy's law in full force, Wednesday afternoon I noticed was strangely transformed into a Mail Server login page. This was not that surprising to me, as I had 7 emails and 2 missed calls from our hosting company saying we were over-quota on bandwidth and disk space. Ugh.

Here's the exact message from our hosters:

This email is to inform you that LangNet Symposium has exceeded its bandwidth allocation on the server of 5G per month. This is due to a 5,000% increase in traffic over the last few days increasing bandwidth usage in excess of 125GB per day which translates to 3.75 terabytes per month. Specifically, the access of video files appears to be the primary cause for this.

5,000% increase in traffic! Wow! Ironically, this is great news; people really really care about the Lang.NET videos! Thought those numbers don't really suprise me, the quote that the hosting company gave me does. To make a long story short, I'm looking to find the videos a new home as we speak. the videos have found a new home on, though the links to the Silverlight videos will still work. The site should be back online on Friday, and the videos shortly after that. It sucks to not have them up now, but oh well ... go outside, spend time with your kids ... the videos will be there when you get back. =)