Lang.NET is Today! We've heard a great introduction from Jason Zander, a dive into the new C# 3.0 features and future work by Anders Hejlsberg, and currently we're listening to the "why DLR" talk by Jim Hugunin.

The videos will be made available on on the Agenda page shortly, so keep an eye on it! Here's the agenda:

Jan 28: Monday:
09:00: Keynote (Jason Zander)
09:30: C# 3.0 (Anders Hejlsberg)
10:45: Vision of the DLR (Jim Hugunin)
13:00: Targeting DLR (Martin Maly)
14:15: Multiple Languages on the Java VM (John Rose and Charles Nutter - Sun Microsystems)
15:30: Lively Kernel Project (Dan Ingalls - Sun Microsystems)
16:00: Managed JScript (Pratap Lakshman)
16:30: Irony and ERP Language Challenges (Roman Ivantsov - Tyler Technologies)
17:00: On-site Dinner

Jan 29: Tuesday:
09:00: Volta (Erik Meijer)
10:15: Newspeak (Gilad Braha - Cadence)
10:45: Resolver (Giles Thomas - Resolver)
11:30: Retargeting DLR (Seo Sanghyeon - Mozilla)
13:00: Visual Basic (Paul Vick)
13:30: Powershell Plus (Karl Prosser - ShellTools LLC)
14:15: PHP (Wez Furlong - Message Systems)
14:45: Phalanger (Tomas Petricek -
15:30: Pex (Peli de Halleux and Nikolai Tillmann)
16:00: Numerical computing with the CLR (Jeffrey Sax - Extreme Optimization)
16:45: C# Mixins (Stefan Wenig and Fabian Schmied - Rubicon)
18:00: Dinner (Rock Bottom, Bellevue, WA)

Jan 30: Wednesday:
09:00: IronRuby (John Lam)
09:30: Ruby.NET (Wayne Kelly - Queensland University of Technology)
10:15: F# (Luke Hoban)
10:30: Parsing Expression Grammars in F# (Harry Pierson)
11:15: NStatic (Wesner Moise - SoftPerson, LLC)
13:00: Moonlight and Mono (Miguel de Icaza - Novell)
14:15: Integrating Languages into the VSS (Aaron Marten)
15:30: Modeling and Languages (Don Box)