After 5 years and 2 degrees, I'm leaving WPI and ready to move on. It's been a long road, but definitely worth every second of it. Mom, Dad, Nicole, Grandma Izzy, and Felicia came to Worcester for graduation, though because of the weather it was indoors, so Nicole and Felicia had to hang out in the Campus Center and watch it on TV. I guess they saw me making a fool of myself. =P We ended up eating dinner the first night at Vinny T's, and the second night (right after graduation) at the Boynton, and then after that Felicia and I just relaxed ... and of course she fell asleep. =P Graduation itself was OK ... kind of boring ... but I got to see my undergrad friends graduate. Being a graduate student we got to get our diplomas first and wear the whole "fancy robe and hood" thing ... so that was kinda cool. That's it, my college life is behind me. I've got a month before the move, so time to ramp up on my side projects. :)

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