A little bit after Christmas we finally all got new phones! I got an LG Chocolate ... and I love the phone! I have to get a cable for it to get the pictures off of it (and I take ALOT of pictures with it) since bluetooth doesn't do that, but other than that it's been great. Well, I guess any phone that doesn't die ever 20 minutes is good =) DSC08255 Julianne also visited for a couple days, which was really nice; good change of pace. She took bus all by herself, and I picked her up in Port Authority in one piece. We went into NYC and I showed her the sights :) I finally took one of those horse ride things! I drove her back to her house in MA, got to meet her parents and brothers; it was interesting ... to say the very least. Anyway, I drove back to Worcester that night and hung out with the Deranian crowd before going home in the morning. DSC08329 Dad and I took a trip upstate to the house in Unadilla ... I hadn't been back up there since the accident in 2004, so it's been a bit of time! We had some good father-son time, though most of it was spend on our laptops doing work ... I guess like father-like son. I drove most of the way back home, which was very annoying since the Lexus hauls ass and I couldn't help but go 80 ... and there's troopers everywhere; it's ok ... we got home without a ticket =) Anyway, I'm back at WPI ... and I need to get a move on finishing the Assistment prototype for tomorrow!