I've accepted an offer from Microsoft. It will be with the same team I was on this past summer, helping to make dynamic languages great on .NET. It's a very small team (~15 people in total), and it's well on it's way to be open source, so it won't feel *too much* like I'm working for the evil empire. =) I was juggling between Microsoft and SMPL Technologies, Sean Martens IT company in NYC. Both we're really great offers, but Sean and I agreed Microsoft was the best move for me. This team is based in Redmond, WA, which means I'm moving to Seattle! Eek! I've just started to work on a new project at school, so it's really hard to even think of what's going to happen this summer. Though I will be doing what I love, I know it will be hard to buy that one-way ticket out of NY. I know I'll be back someday, and this level of uncertainty makes it exciting. =) ... but this is 8 months away. Plenty of time to let it sync in.