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When do Interns work?

15 Jul 2006

This week I had a team moral event on Tuesday, then a Interns off-site event from 8am-8pm, then a beer party today for the end of the fiscal year. And when am I suppose to get my work done? :P

The off-site event was kind of a drag, except for having to build a sugar cube tower blindfolded :) But then after the long day we had a panel of people who've been here for a while, and then BBQ with our mentors/managers and others senior folks. I was suprised to find out how many people actually picked up their families and came out here, expecially one guy from Boston. Anyway, I got to meet Scott Guthrie, the guy who designed ASP.NET, and Wilco Bauwer, the guy who beat me to making IronRuby, the .NET implementation of Ruby. Plus, I had a characture drawn of me! Fun stuff, fun stuff.

I also just had my mid-point review, and everything is looking good, so I'm kind of scared ... 'cause me getting an offer to come out here could be a possibility. Ah. Oh well, not going to think about it, just enjoy my time here and worry about it if I have to later.

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