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West Cost, WTF!?

30 May 2006

So I'm making this post from Sammamash, WA, in my summer "corporate apartment" (which is beautiful, btw), while mooching off someone else's wireless. :) ... but ... wait ... I'm on the West Coast, WTF!!?!?!

The flight here was pretty cool; delta has little touchscreens in the back of the seats with music, cable tv, movies, flight gps tracking (which is the coolest thing ever), and other stuff, so i was very entertained during the flight. I bought this really funny movie called "Hoodwinked" which is a funny interpretation of little red riding hood ... like all the new computer animated movies. Funny stuff. Plus, the plane was really nice and I took some nice pictures in the air :)

I'll also post some pictures of this place soon, just need to unpack the camera stuff :)

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