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End of Undergrad

03 May 2006

School ended yesterday, I was done with undergraduate last Thursday, and I turned in my "time-sensitive" graduate stuff today. Damn, is that it? My Undergraduate WPI Career, done?

I'm really happy about that, but very weird feeling as well. I'm now seeing all my friends so happy about being done that I'm rethinking wanting to stay for graduate school. Ugh. Plus, I've gotta move my room and that's going to be such a hassle (that's a longer story that pisses the hell out of me). I guess we'll see how this summer goes.

Anyway, my MQP came out as good as I knew it could be in January. I learned a lot about working with other people (mainly who I enjoy working with and who I don't) and fell in love with Ruby. If you are into software and don't know what Ruby is, please google it!

My room is still pretty messy from the party, and I don't care. Today I'm wearing ripped jeans, a t-shirt, a baseball hat, and I've got a beard ... and I haven't showered, and I'm loving it :) It's nice after 4 years to just not care.

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