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My birthday present

20 Apr 2006

So, today's my 22nd birthday! My dad came up to visit me for the day, and we ate house food, talked, went to the Worcester Art Gallary for the first time that is 2 minutes away from the house, and ate dinner at Vinny T's. Overall it was a pretty fun day.

Oh, and Microsoft got back to me before dinner and make me a job offer .... ah! So yeah, long story short I'm a Microsoft intern for the summer ... freakin' weird. Do I have to start one of those Microsoft employee blogs where I say how much I love the company and their products? Ha, but I'm sure my posts when I'm there will be much more often and generally Microsoft related.

Soo, what am I going to be doing there? Most likely dynamic language work, which is super cool :). Anyway, these next couple weeks are going to be insane, so I need to buckle down and finish everything. ::blows out the candles::

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