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08 Sep 2005

So wow, haven't spilled the beans in a month, my bad. Stuff just changed too much on a weekly basis that I guess I really forgot how many people I was leaving in the dark about my life ... yeah, sure.

So, the last week of work was crazy. It was basically how many "going away" lunches/dinnes can we have? The last night out, which was the Thursday before work ended, was a debacle, and I definitely don't remember most of the night. Ha.

I think I got to school on the 22nd. The night before one of Tau Kappa Epsilon's houses suffered a totalling fire. It was pretty scary because it's exactly what we had just been through, so the de-ja-vu was weird.

Anyway, before school started was very fun, lots of hanging around and talking to freshmen. Oh, and the house looks so nice! Here are some pictures of the living room:

The Living Room

The Pool Room

When school started it wasn't much different for me since I don't have any real classes this term =). However, I'm working on that ISP I did 2 years ago now, and hopefully will finish it up, and I'm doing my MQP ... on top of a grad class, compiler design. Fun stuff.

OK, this Monday I decided to play basketball and ended up spraining my ankle during the game. It hurt like crazy initially but I was still able to walk. I got home and iced it alot, but that night it swelled up like crazy and I couldn't sleep b\c of the intense pain. The next day I went to the health center and Memorial hospital to get an X-ray. It's not broken, but I was walking on crutches for all of that day and Wednesday. My compilers class actually gave me a round of applause for hobbling in on my crutches, from the window! (The class is on the 2nd floor and overlooks a courtyard area). Today I walked around with a cane, which hurt less than crutches (those things made my hands black and blue!) but still is a pain. It looks like come Monday I should be fine, but damn!

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