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Last week at GE

08 Aug 2005

Hamarabee Center

This is my last week at GE. As much as I complain about work these past 11 weeks have been great. All the interns get along great and we've had our share of crazy nights out. Despite the "Stead" being a crazy house and our internet problems, getting to know the other interns living there has been cool. On the flip side, it's been an interesting taste of what I don't want to do with my life. Here I feel like nothing I do could possibly make a difference. I aid in the communication between people who need software and the offshore developers making it. We only have like 2 hours to talk to them, so how can it be cheaper!? The only time I feel like I made a difference is the volunteer project Garrett and I did, and according to the high-ups "this is not typical GE".

I'm so happy Felicia is recovering fully. I saw her yesterday after not seeing her for a week and I was so happy she was walking. It's been a crazy 2 weeks but she's got her life back and I've got her back! Wrapping my mind around this whole thing has been really hard, but it's really made me think a lot; life is too short so make sure the people you love know you feel that way.

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