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01 Jun 2005

Today I started work at GE; wow.

Yesterday I left home around 11am. I drove the truck with my Mom in the car and my Dad drove the Lexus ... leading the way. We took some wrong turns here and there but eventually made it to the GE office in Danbury, CT. Pretty ugly building, but I later learned they are moving out of it soon ... understandable.

After eating lunch at a Quiznos in Danbury, we drove to the Homestead Hotels in Norwalk. So yeah, the hotel didn't know I was checking in that day ... but a lack of communication is nothing I'm not use to. Anyway, I got unpacked and Mom and Dad left me with the truck. After settling in, I took a short drive to a nearby Stop-and-Shop to buy everything under the sun. TV dinners, milk, orange juice, soda, water, disposable plates/cups, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, I locked the keys in the car ... lucky me had a spare key in my wallet. Later I didn't do much; just sat around, had dinner, and watched TV ... but I still managed to go to bed at 12:45am ... I'm silly.

So yeah, woke up today at 6:15ish, at breakfast, and got ready. I ended up leaving the hotel around around 7:30 ... but of course made some wrong turns and got to work at 8:35ish. My morning consisted of setting up my computer, reading/replying to emails, sitting throuhg phone meetings, setting up my accounts, and faxing stuff. Me and another intern report to my supervisor ... he seems like a cool guy. He took us out to lunch to a resturant with a deck on the lake. I had a burger of course. So yeah, my afternoon has been spent also sitting through phone meetings and faxing stuff ... oh first day fun.

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