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Back at School

11 Jan 2005

Christmas with the little cousins and New Years at the Bekisz's were fun and I of course have the pictures to prove it! Speaking of pictures, I got a new camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-T1. I also got my Blackberry, so my gadget collection is growing!


I finally build my new computer. Zeus! It's a beast of a machine. All I need to get is a S-Video to VGA converter and my 3 monitor setup is complete.

I worked for SMPL at the JJKennyDrake office in downtown NY. Lets just say I was not fond of the commute, but a good breakfast and fun times more than made up for it. I spend the 3+ weeks finishing some monitoring software, and writing a specific-task FTP client. If they decide that software is a market they want to get into, this may turn into a more long term thing.

Goodbye Regal

Also said goodbye to my first car, a Buick Regal. Sister got in an accident and decided it wasn't worth fixing, so it is being donated.

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